Poughkeepsie Architecture: The Poughkeepsie Station

Poughkeepsie Architecture: The Poughkeepsie Station We are quite lucky to live on this particular section of the Hudson River. We are at the center of it all when it comes to getting around. If for som [...]

Poughkeepsie Architecture: The Poughkeepsie Station2022-01-07T09:23:21-05:00

Poughkeepsie Architecture: The Cast Iron Building

Poughkeepsie Architecture: The Cast Iron Building On December 26, 1870, a fire broke out in the saloon that had been operated by George W. Cannon at 301 Main Street. Within moments of the fire’s first [...]

Poughkeepsie Architecture: The Cast Iron Building2021-12-31T11:01:14-05:00

The Monitor Cannon

The Monitor Cannon If you've ever entered our library on the Market Street side, perhaps you've taken a moment to notice that there is a small cannon standing guard in front. A plaque on the cannon rea [...]

The Monitor Cannon2021-12-17T09:28:04-05:00

The Cost of Thanksgiving

The Cost of Thanksgiving We’ve all seen the news stories and we have all felt it in our wallets. The cost of Thanksgiving has certainly gone up! Everything from cranberries to roasting pans, from coffe [...]

The Cost of Thanksgiving2021-11-19T10:56:28-05:00

A Murder on Thanksgiving

A Murder on Thanksgiving With Thanksgiving approaching, we thought now would be a good time to talk about a fascinating local true crime case that took place right around this time of year (but we didn [...]

A Murder on Thanksgiving2021-11-19T08:26:49-05:00

The “Genius Killer” Visits Poughkeepsie (Twice!)

The “Genius Killer” Visits Poughkeepsie (Twice!) How many of you love true crime (this historian raises her hand)? Well what if I told you that one of New York’s most famous serial killers stopped in P [...]

The “Genius Killer” Visits Poughkeepsie (Twice!)2021-11-11T11:32:00-05:00

The Oakwood Friends School

The Oakwood Friends School One of the oldest schools in Dutchess County just celebrated its 100th anniversary right here in Poughkeepsie. It should be noted, however, that the school and its mission ar [...]

The Oakwood Friends School2021-11-29T08:45:45-05:00

Ghost Stories in Poughkeepsie

Ghost Stories in Poughkeepsie It's that spooky time of year again: Halloween is upon us! What would the season be without a good ghost story? There are several books about various haunted sites in the [...]

Ghost Stories in Poughkeepsie2021-10-29T09:17:54-04:00
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