Bullying is a tough issue in today’s world. There are a variety of resources available through the Poughkeepsie Public Library District to help kids and teens better understand and handle bullying situations.

Print Resources:  These print resources can be found using the online catalog at the Library. You can check them out, or request the title from another library if the book is not on the shelf.

For Kids

A Smart Kid’s Guide to Online Bullying by David J. Jakubiak (J 302.3 Jak)
Bullies Are a Pain in the Brain by Trevor Romain (J 303.2 Rom)
Bullying by Elizabeth Raum (J 302.3 Rau)
Bullying and Me: Schoolyard Stories by Ouisie Shapiro (J 371.5 Sha)
Middle School: How to Deal by Sara Borden (J 373.263 Bor)
We Want You to Know: Kids Talk about Bullying by Deborah Ellis (J 302.3 Ell)
Why Are You Picking on Me?: Dealing with Bullies by John Burstein (J 302.3 Bur)

For Teens

Bullying Beyond the Schoolyard: Preventing and Responding to Cyberbullying by Sameer Hinduja (TEEN 371.5 Hin)
Cliques, Phonies & Other Baloney by Trevor Romain (YA 158.25 Rom)
Frequently Asked Questions about Cyberbullying by Teri Breguet (YA 302.3 Bre)
Girls Against Girls: Why We Are Mean to Each Other and How We Can Change by Bonnie Burton (TEEN 305.235 Bur)
High School’s Not Forever by Jane Bluestein (TEEN 373.18 Blu)
It Gets Better: Coming Out, Overcoming Bullying, and Creating a Life Worth Living edited by Dan Savage (NEW 306.776 It)
Real Friends vs. the Other Kind by Annie Fox (YA 177.62 Fox)
Stick Up For Yourself!: Every Kid’s Guide to Personal Power and Positive Self Esteem by Gershen Kaufman (YA 158.083 Kau)
Teen Cyberbullying Investigated: Where Do Your Rights End and Consequences Begin? by Tom Jacobs (TEEN 345.73 Jac)

For Parents

Bullyproof Your Child for Life: Protect Your Child from Teasing, Taunting, and Bullying for Good by Joel Haber (649.6 Hab)
Odd Girl Out: The Hidden Culture of Aggression in Girls by Rachel Simmons (302.54 Sim)

Recommended Fiction:  As a sensitive issue, it may be easier for some children to understand bullying through stories. These are a few fictional accounts of bullying available at the Library.

Beware! by Diana G. Gallagher (J Gal)
Chester Raccoon and the Big Bad Bully by Audrey Penn (J Pen)
Henry and the Bully by Nancy Carlson (E Car)
How the Moon Regained Her Shape by Janet Ruth Heller (J 398.2 Hel)
The Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes (J Est)
Nobody Knew What To Do: A Story About Bullying by Becky Ray McCain (E McC)
Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon by Patty Lovell (E Lov)

DVDs:  In addition to print resources, there are also DVDs about bullying available to check out at the library.

7 Ways to Block a Cyberbully (eVideo)
Bullies Are a Pain in the Brain (J DVD Tre)

Web Sites:  There is a wealth of information available online, but it can be difficult to find the best sites. Here are several websites from reliable sources that deal with the issue of bullying.

For Kids

Kids Against Bullying – from the PACER Center
KidsHealth: Dealing with Bullies – from KidsHealth

For Teens

Teens Against Bullying – from the PACER Center
Teens Health: Dealing with Bullies – from KidsHealth
Online Teen Safety Guide – from National Home Security Alliance

For Parents

Stomp Out Bullying: Notice of Harassment Kit:  The Notice of Harassment Kit is available as a free resource to aid the parents of children being bullied. The kit contains a log to document discussions about the harassment. If the bully’s parent or the child’s school knowingly allow harassment to continue, the kit also contains step by step instructions on how to create a Notice of Harassment form that can be sent to parents of the bully, teachers, and the school. Finally, there are suggestions on how to proceed with handling severe harassment situations should the bullying continue.


Facts for Families: Bullying – from the American Psychological Association
Kids Health for Parents: Dealing with Bullies – from KidsHealth
Stop Bullying.gov – from the US government

Search the Catalog:  Searching the catalog using subject headings like those below is a great way to find other relevant materials. You can search “All Libraries” within the Mid-Hudson Library System or narrow the search to your local library.

Bullying — juvenile literature
Bullying – prevention

For information on Cyberbullying, try Interpersonal conflict in children and Teasing

Browse the Collection: To browse the shelves for material about bullying, look for the following Dewey Call Numbers:

302.3 in the Adult Collection
J 302.3 in the Children’s Collection