Metal Detector Kit Image

Metal Detector Kit

Loan Period: Seven (7) Days (non-renewable)

Available to: Poughkeepsie Public Library District residents, 18 and over, with a PPLD Library Card for at least six months, and with no fines.

Pick Up/Return: Adriance Memorial Library, Checkout Desk

Number of Kits Available: One

Kit Contains: Minelab’s GO-Find 66 metal detector, Garrett’s Pro-Pointer AT, batteries for each device, two instructional guides, and carrying bag.

Fines: $20 if returned to Bookdrop (plus damages); $5 late fee per day

Borrower’s Agreement: Review and sign with staff at Circulation Desk before check-out and when checking back in. Includes Guidelines, Fines and Liability, Proper Use & Care. View Borrower’s Agreement here.

Call the Check-Out Desk to place a hold: 845-485-3445 x3701

Metal Detector Kit At-A-Glance

Minelab’s GO-FIND 66 Metal Detector

Discover your next adventure with an easy to use sport metal detector. The metal detector is compact, collapsible, portable and lightweight, and comes in a GO-FIND carry bag, manual, and four fresh AA batteries.

Garrett’s Pro-Pointer AT

The Pro-Pointer AT provides all terrain versatility for locating and pinpointing metallic targets, and designed specifically to speed up your recovery of your target. Comes with Holster, manual, and one 9V battery.

Know Before You Go

What do you, the Borrower, need to provide?

  • Gloves, trowel, probe or screwdriver, and a collection bag for holding items found.
  • Ear phones for 3.5 mm (1/8 inch) phone jack. (Available $1.00 at Checkout Desk). Detector has a speaker but it drains the batteries faster.
  • If Library’s fresh batteries expire, you’ll need to provide another four AA 1.5 volt batteries to continue use.

State Laws and Local Laws for Metal Detecting:

It is the responsibility of each individual to know and obey the federal, state and local regulations of the property or park they wish to visit before metal detecting.  Always ask permission before detecting on private property.

In New York State Parks, metal detecting requires permit (see page 10) and is allowed in designated areas only. Contact the specific state park you wish to detect at, and inquire about permits and fees. New York State Parks & Recreation website‘s “metal detector” search results.

Guidelines for Borrowing and Returning

  • Seven (7) day loan period to a Borrower that is 18 or over with a Poughkeepsie Public Library District resident card in good standing, with no fines.
  • The Metal Detector Kit is non-renewable. If not available, Borrowers may place a hold on the Kit.
  • The Metal Detector Kit is checked out and checked back in during opening hours at Adriance Memorial Library with a staff member at the Circulation Desk.
  • Borrower and Library Staff sign and date this Agreement and Guidelines, and complete the Agreement Form’s checks, using Metal Detector Kit Parts Guide, to mark the Kit’s parts at check-out and at check-in.

Proper Use of Metal Detector Kit and Cleaning before Returning

  • The Borrower will review the manuals, training videos, and guides for proper care and use of items.
  • It is the Borrower’s responsibility to follow the Code of Ethics for Metal Detecting.
  • The Borrower has the responsibility to respect property rights, ask permission first, follow the federal, state and local regulations on metal detecting of the property or park, leave the land and vegetation as they found it, and fill in all holes properly and follow the art of recovery for digging up targets. View Metal Detecting Target Recovery Procedure guide.
  • The Metal Detector, Pro-Pointer AT, and Carrying Bag must be clean and in good condition upon return.  Do NOT use bleach to clean.  Use only a gentle soap, with water, and wipe down.

What are the Fines and Liability?

  • $5 per day for every late day, after the due date, will be charged to Borrower’s PPLD Library Card.
  • $20 fine if the Metal Detector Kit is returned in the Book Drop of either library.
  • If the items in the Metal Detector Kit are damaged, stolen or lost, Borrower is charged cost to replace. (GO-Find 66 =