Learn a magic trick!

There's lots of fun things things you can learn while at home: Youtube has tons of simple magic tricks to check out. Try to learn this card trick to impress your friends and family [...]

Learn a magic trick!2020-07-15T14:30:29-04:00

Poughkeepsie Youth Coalition

Looking for something to do? Looking for local resources and support for Youth? Look no further! The Poughkeepsie Youth Coalition has compiled a directory of community based organizations serving youth. [...]

Poughkeepsie Youth Coalition2020-07-11T14:30:50-04:00

Register to Vote!

Click the link below to quickly and easily become a part of the most important part of being an American citizen. https://www.ny.gov/services/register-vote [...]

Register to Vote!2020-06-22T09:42:09-04:00

Ten Movies for Teens About Sports

The Blind Side: PG 13 Sandra Bullock Time McGraw. Michael Oher is a homeless African-American teen from a broken home. Taken in by a well-to-do white family who help him fulfill his potential. With the [...]

Ten Movies for Teens About Sports2020-06-08T16:28:44-04:00

Grow your own food from your food scraps!

Want to have a little fun this summer?   Turn your family food scraps into new plants you can continue to eat. Check out this blog...you can grow anything from cabbage to mushrooms from food you normall [...]

Grow your own food from your food scraps!2020-06-02T10:23:54-04:00

Art Effects Reel Exposure Youth Film Festival

Watch this awesome virtual film festival and photo exhibit created entirely by teens across the world including some right here from Poughkeepsie!  The Art Effect is a Poughkeepsie based arts education [...]

Art Effects Reel Exposure Youth Film Festival2020-06-01T16:22:52-04:00