Mobile HotSpot

Brand of Mobile HotSpot may differ from what is shown

Mobile HotSpot

Loan Period: Seven (7) Days (non-renewable)

Available to: Poughkeepsie Public Library District residents, 18 and over, with a PPLD Library Card for at least six months, and with no fines.

Pick Up/Return: Adriance Memorial Library Checkout Desk

Kit Contains: Multiple parts that are reviewed at Check-out and Check-in

Fines: $20 if returned to Book Drop (plus damages); $5 late fee per day

Borrower’s Agreement: Review and sign with staff at Circulation Desk before check-out and when checking back in. Includes Guidelines, Fines and Liability, Proper Use & Care. View Borrower’s Agreement here.

Call the Check-Out Desk to place a hold: 845-485-3445 x3701

Access high-speed internet connections anywhere with a Mobile HotSpot.  Each Mobile HotSpot connects multiple devices simultaneously, and includes a six-hour rechargeable battery.

Stay connected at high speeds wherever you go with the mobile Wi-Fi device. Its compact and lightweight design means you can take it with you and get things done while you’re on the go.

Brand of Mobile HotSpot may differ from what is shown


One (1) Mobile Hotspot (with SIM card and battery inside)

One (1) USB cable

One (1) wall plug for charging

One (1) Case

Mobile HotSpot

Brand of Mobile HotSpot may differ from what is shown


  1. Hold power button down 3 seconds. (Button is marked).
  2. Light will go on.
  3. Look for Network name on your device. (Network name on the back).
  4. Enter password. (Password on the back).
  5. To recharge battery plug in USB cord to device and charge plug.
  6. Battery is rechargeable for another 6 hours but will drain faster if you are using more devices.

Guidelines for Borrowing and Returning

  • Seven day loan period to a Borrower that is 18 or over, and is a Poughkeepsie Public Library District resident with a PPLD Library Card with no fines.
  • Hotspots may be checked out and returned during opening hours at Adriance Memorial Library with a staff member at the Checkout Desk.
  • Mobile Hotspots are non-renewable.
  • If the hotspot is NOT returned by the due date, the borrower will be charged $5 per day for every late day.
  • $20 fine if returned to the Book Drop of either library.
  • All components (hotspot device, USB cord, charger) must be present and in good condition upon return.
  • The device will be disabled if not returned within ten (10) days.
  • If the hotspot is stolen or lost, you will be charged for the entire cost, which is $100.