The Past Bliss:

Have you had a feeling of total sadness and fear because of the world around you? Complete and utter despair? The realization that, Oh crap.. I’m growing up and these feelings and obstacles are just the start? That realization. The realization of that you have to become stronger because you know now that the world is a harsh, yet beautiful place. That you will have fights and disagreements within yourself and others.

Things will now never be simple ever again. I am sad about this. It is natural and a part of life. I shouldn’t feel down about something that I cannot really and fully control at all. Life happens I suppose. Though, why does it have to happen now? Why not later? Why can I not keep my complete innocence and beautiful bliss of the world? Why does it just have to shatter?! I do not want it to. I want things to be good, always. It is impossible, I understand that. Can’t a girl dream? I want to be an innocent little child again. Why and how am I having these realizations and observations at such a young age?!

I know that I have changed so much in these many years. I say now that I want what I had when I was like 11 or 12. Though I know that when I am older, I will look back and want what I had when I was 14/15. I want things to get better. I want us to come together and become united. Why can’t that happen? Why do people seem to not have a brain and lash out on emotion? The thing is that they never see what they are doing. Nor do they see their consequences of those said actions and how it affects others.

People say that it is for the greater good. It never is though. It hurts the same people they have sworn to protect and do good by. I feel so mentally and physically tired. (I worked out and went for a run today.) I know I’ll be better by morning with sleep for my physical tiredness. Though my mental; This goes for everyone mentally, it takes time. I know that I will get through it and grow stronger as a person. I know that it will be worth it. I won’t give up. Though, I just wish that I never felt like this in the first place.
Have a wonderful day my lovelies! ILY <3 Make today your day! Carpe diem!

By Sofia C. From The Sunshine