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150th Anniversary of Lincoln’s Funeral Train Passing through Poughkeepsie

On April 25, 1865, President Abraham Lincoln’s funeral train passed through Poughkeepsie, pulled by the same locomotive which had led President-elect Lincoln’s train through the city in February 1861. According to Lincoln chronicler Victor Searcher, “The sun was sinking as the train pulled into Poughkeepsie, casting a mellow glow over the historic event. The steep hillsides were carpeted with twenty thousand persons, perhaps more. Guns roared, bands sounded, the throng stood still for fifteen minutes as the travelers detrained and partook of a hasty buffet supper. Ten minutes after eight, when movement was resumed, stars twinkled and night lights dappled the smooth-running river.” At Albany, the casket was carried to the Assembly Chamber, where mourners paid their respects throughout the night until the train continued westward the following morning.

Tuesday’s Tip — Oyez Project (Multimedia Supreme Court Database)

For a fantastic resource to explore Supreme Court Cases, check out   This Site allows you to listen to the full audio account of all cases–from arguments, to decisions, to dissenting opinions–from October 1955 to the present (since the first installation of recording equipment).  They can also be downloaded to Podcasts or saved in iTunes for future listening. Breif descriptions and summaries are also available to read.   Tuesday’s Tip — April 21, 2015 (Oyez-Supreme Court Website


Tuesday’s Tip — IT Encyclopedia

In our increasingly tech-y world, it’s more and more common to come across an acronym or program name that is unfamiliar. Every day brings new software developments–and the ‘maker movement’ has spawned an interest in things like 3-D printing. The PPLD embraces the changes, and does what it can to provide the community with  resources to keep up–whether through offering “Makerspace” programs for teens, or this Tip for understanding the new trends.     Tuesday’s Tip – April 14, 2015 (


The Changing Perception of Libraries

As the nation observes National Library Week (April 12 – 18), the American Library Association (ALA) has just released a report that documents the shift in how libraries are perceived by their communities and society. In a press release, ALA noted that, “No longer just places for books, libraries of all types are viewed as anchors, centers for academic life and research, and cherished spaces. From offering free technology workshops, small business centers and 24/7 virtual access to e-Books and digital materials, libraries are transforming communities, schools and campuses.”

The State of America’s Libraries Report concludes that, “As society continues to change the way it consumes information, public libraries and librarians are viewed as change agents by addressing unique needs and identifying trends that impact the community.”

Tuesday’s Tip — Instructables

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, you are going to LOVE the Instructables site profiled in this week’s Tip!  Here you will find all kinds of how-to not only for the things you know you want to make–but also some very wild and creative ideas for things you didn’t even know you wanted to make!  From backyard maple syrup, to modular vertical garden boxes, to jewelry, to robots–it’s all here!  Go forth and make!

Tuesdays Tip — April 7, 2015 (Instructables Website)


Good News for Libraries in NY State Budget

The New York State Legislature has passed a budget that recognizes the valuable contributions made by public libraries to their communities:

Library Aid will be increased by more than $5 million – the largest increase to library aid in seven years.

$1.3 million was appropriated to rebate those libraries that paid the MTA Tax last year and libraries and library systems now have permanent MTA tax exemption.

The budget includes $14 million in library construction aid so there will be another round of State Aid for Public Library Construction Grants for 2015-2016.

Tuesday’s Tip — Mailbox Locator Tool

Have you ever needed to drop something in the mail, and thought you might have to drive all over town looking for a mailbox, since you couldn’t make it to the main Post Office?  Well, before you set out scanning the sidewalks, pop your zip code in the Mailbox Locator tool introduced in this Tip, and you’ll see all the nearby options with identifying information!  Tuesday’s Tip — March 24, 2015 (MailboxLocator)




Oscar-Winning Actress Promotes Libraries

Academy Award winning actress and bestselling author Julianne Moore recently recorded a public service announcement as part of the 30th anniversary of School Library Month. In the PSA, Moore speaks to how librarians empower students to succeed in school and beyond. The PSA can be viewed at

“School libraries make a difference,” said Moore. “I moved around a lot as a young child, and the first place I would visit in a new place was the school library. The librarians guided me, encouraged me, and set the stage for my lifelong love of reading. As educators, school librarians have a tremendous impact on our students’ personal and intellectual growth. School libraries foster creativity, innovation, play, and experimentation and offer a nurturing, and safe place for children to learn. I have a lot of love for librarians.”

Tuesday’s Tip — BookSuggester from Library Thing

While our very own library catalog also has great tools to alert the reader to other, similar titles he/she might enjoy, the BookSuggester is another fun resource to use to find out about great reads on a subject, or in a genre, that you already enjoy.

It’s a fun and user-friendly database that has something to suit almost everyone. You’re sure to find a book you’ll love!

Tuesday’s Tip — March 10, 2015 (BookSuggester)

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