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Tuesday’s Tip–Finding Current Events Information in the Library Catalog

Not just for physical collections anymore–libraries have expanded into cyberspace, with authoritative virtual collections housed in Internet-based subscription databases.   These expand our offerings to up-to-the-minute resources in a multitude of formats–all now keyword-searchable in our Encore library catalog!  Three of our databases are now searchable (Gale General OneFile; Academic OneFile; and Opposing Viewpoints in Context) with more on the way!

Tuesday’s Tip –September 9, 2014 (Current Events Information in the Catalog)

Tuesday’s Tip — U.S. Newspapers Directory, 1690-present

Folks doing serious research sometimes are looking for old newspaper articles from a particular place.  We have explored several different places to find this information within New York State in past Tips, but the Library of Congress also offers a resource that covers the entire nation!  This information is gradually making its way onto the Web, but many old newspapers will take a long time before they’re scanned and digitized.  This is how you can find them now…

Tuesday’s Tip –August 19, 2014 (U.S. Newspaper Directory 1690-Present)

old paper

Tuesday’s Tip — Newton “Ask a Scientist” Site

Newton is a site where you can ask unusual questions of a team of scientists–ones that might not be covered in the classroom or textbook–  and you will get a response in layman’s terms.  The fields of life and applied science, mathematics, and computer science are addressed.  There are so many interesting topics covered—it’s fun to browse the archive of past questions by subject, or the ‘frequent’ questions section.  You never know what you’ll learn!  Tuesday’s Tip — August 12, 2014 (Newton’s Ask a Scientist Website)

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Role of Libraries Recognized in Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

President Obama and Congress recently acknowledged the vital contributions of libraries by enabling them—for the first time—to be considered One-Stop partners and eligible for federal funding to support job training and job search programs. The bipartisan Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act also authorizes adult education and literacy activities provided by public libraries as an allowable statewide employment and training activity.

Nearly 100 percent of America’s public libraries offer workforce development training programs, online job resources, and technology skills training, according to a new study from the American Library Association (ALA). Combined with maker spaces, coding classes, and programs dedicated to entrepreneurship and small business development, libraries are equipping U.S. communities with the resources and skills needed to succeed in today’s – and tomorrow’s – global marketplace.

Tuesday’s Tip — Chronicling America (Historical Newspapers)

This amazing site reveals our history explored through the newspapers of the day… from all around the country.

Events big and small that portray both the agonies and ecstasies of our existence are keyword searchable and readable in a page image–including photographs and illustrations from the actual papers– covering 1836-1922. You’ll find everything from the launching and sinking of the Titanic, to Houdini’s escapades and so much more.

Tuesday’s Tip –August 5, 2014 (Chronicling America- Historic Newspapers)

old newspaper


Tuesday’s Tip — (Tech Tip) Internet Shortcuts

In today’s fast-paced world, many of us are looking for the fastest and easiest way to do things.  When using the Internet, there are a lot of shortcuts, and in this week’s Tip we’ll look at two you might find useful for increasing your efficiency–at least when you’re using a desktop computer.  Give them a try. I’ve adopted one into my daily keyboard routine; maybe you will too!  Tuesday’s Tip –July 29, 2014 (Internet Shortcuts)

race car

Tuesday’s Tip — Download e-Books Right from the Online Catalog

With our new ‘Encore” online catalog, the Overdrive e-Book and Audiobook supplier used by the Mid-Hudson Library System has been integrated, and the borrowing process streamlined.  Now while searching in the catalog, if you identify a book you’re interested in as an e-Book, you can download it with just a few clicks after logging into your user account.  Any title with an available format “OverDrive Read” requires no app or software download, and can be viewed in any e-Reader or PC browser screen.   Read on to learn more… Tuesday’s Tip — July 8, 2014 (e-Books in the catalog)