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Tuesday’s Tip — Some Thanksgiving Links

This Week, we offer a few interesting links to help you better enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday.  From history of the first feast, to the lore of our celebrated game bird, traditionally savored, there is a lot to digest in this Tip!    Tuesday’s Tip — November 24, 2015 (Thanksgiving links)

While we collectively speak and share our gratitude for the good in our lives, many will feast on the traditional turkey dinner, but for the vegetarians and vegans looking for a special recipe, we have many, wonderful cookbooks in our collection that are free to borrow, like this from local author, Nava Atlas!          Enjoy the nature’s bounty, and the love of  family and friends!

nava's book




Tuesday’s Tip — Free & Discounted e-books from BookBub

If you already enjoy borrowing e-books from the vast variety offered for free from the Mid-Hudson Library System’s shared Overdrive system (Tips 4/10/12; 7/8/14)–but like to have some titles to keep longer than the library loan period– then this site is for you!  Those interested in the best deals on e-books to keep, click on the Tip to explore how it works and what you’ll find inside…

Tuesday’s Tip — November 17, 2015 (eBook discount finder BookBub)


Tuesday’s Tip — Public Data and Statistics in Google

That most ubiquitous of search engines, GOOGLE, has some very useful specialized features.  You’ve probably used Google Images to limit your search to pictures, or Google News to filter your results to news sources only–but have you tried Google “Public Data”?  You can explore all kinds of metrics and statistical data and produce comparative charts that tell the story visually!  Please explore this fascinating resource.  You’ll find the link within our Tip:       Tuesday’s Tip — November 3 , 2015 (Google Public Data)




Story Time is a Hot Ticket!

A recent article in the New York Times discussed the soaring popularity of story times in public libraries. At some libraries, parents start lining up an hour before the doors open and staff members have to deal with double and triple-parked strollers. “Story time is drawing capacity crowds at public libraries across New York and across the country at a time when, more than ever, educators are emphasizing the importance of early literacy in preparing children for school and for developing critical thinking skills,” reads the article. “The demand crosses economic lines, with parents at all income levels vying to get in. And many parents have made story time a fixture in their family routines alongside school pickups and playground outings.”

Tuesday’s Tip — World Series and other Baseball Resources

Well, it’s opening night of the 2015 World Series, and the New York Mets are in the game!  In the decades before cable television and X-Box, baseball was “America’s Favorite Pastime”, with most kids both playing in neighborhood games and following the ‘big leagues’.  Although football has recently displaced baseball as the most watched sport, baseball has been the most widely played.  I bet with a New York team in the game there will be renewed interest in the sport.  For some Series and general sites, explore our Tip:      Tuesday’s Tip — October 27, 2015 (World Series and Baseball Resources)

world series

Tuesday’s Tip — What to do with your Pumpkin!

By now you may have picked up your pumpkins for Halloween decorations.  This week’s Tip gives you some suggestions for  sustainable ways to dispose of them after the trick-or-treating is over…
If you want to take your jack ‘o lantern carving to the next level enter the contest or just view the artistry of others–at The Bakery in New Paltz on October 31st or November 1st, for the “Night of 100 Pumpkins”!  (link at the bottom for the gallery of 2014’s entries)      Tuesday’s Tip — October 13th (What to do with your pumpkin)

Tuesday’s Tip — Banned Books Week

Celebrate your freedom to read by supporting the rights of all to read (or not) as they choose!   Efforts to censor and restrict access to the written word have a long history, and extend to our contemporary time.  To learn more about it, visit the Banned Books site from the American Library Association (ALA), which has always supported our citizens’ right to intellectual freedom.  Tuesday’s Tip — September 29, 2015 (Banned Books Week)


E-Book Sales Slip, and Print Recovers

According to an article in the New York Times this week, the prediction that e-books would overtake print within a few years shows no sign of coming true. “There are signs that some e-book adopters are returning to print, or becoming hybrid readers, who juggle devices and paper. E-book sales fell by 10 percent in the first five months of this year, according to the Association of American Publishers. Digital books accounted last year for around 20 percent of the market, roughly the same as they did a few years ago.”

This is good news for booksellers. “Independent bookstores, which were battered by the recession and competition from Amazon, are showing strong signs of resurgence. The American Booksellers Association counted 1,712 member stores in 2,227 locations in 2015, up from 1,410 in 1,660 locations five years ago.”

Tuesday’s Tip —

Even as we leave behind the season of picnics and tailgate parties, that doesn’t mean we can stop being mindful of safe food-handling practices. This week we explore the government’s site focused on food safety issues.  In it you’ll find basic tips for a safe kitchen and healthy family, as well as food product recall alerts, and food poisoning information. (¡En Español tambien!) Get a tour of the site here: Tuesday’s Tip — September 22, 2015 (Food safety)

food refrig