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Tuesday’s Tip — Leaf Collection and Disposal

Well, they’ve  already started to come down, and though we love our trees for their beauty– and also the shade and oxygen they provide– they do give us a run for our money with all those leaves they shed in autumn!  This week’s Tip encourages you to compost those fallen leaves, or otherwise dispose of them responsibly.  We also direct you to municipal resources that will help you clear them away!   Happy Fall!   tuesdays-tip-september-27-2016-disposing-of-fall-leaves


Tuesday’s Tip — Car Buying Info from the FTC

Buying a car is one of the biggest purchases many of us make.  With such a large investment of resources, most of us do a bit of research and investigate the pros and cons of a specific car before we take the plunge.  This week we offer you another trustworthy resource to use as you make that big decision.  As mentioned at the end of the Tip– we also have the Consumer Reports database (and print subscription), and the Chilton’s database for repair and recall information available through the library.  Ask our Reference staff how you can access these FREE resources!  tuesdays-tip-september-20-2016-car-info-from-ftc


Tuesday’s Tip — Hathi Trust – Digitized Books

You may have heard, or read, about the Google Books Project, where some major research universities scanned and digitized entire library collections. It was a massive undertaking. There is also an Internet Archive of more material (over 10 million books) that has been preserved in electronic format. The Hathi Trust Digital Library has built a robust online platform to bring these, and other, resources together into a searchable database. Their
primary aim with their partners: “… to build a comprehensive archive of published literature from around the world and develop shared strategies for managing and developing their digital and print holdings in a collaborative way”.

Tuesdays Tip — September 6, 2016 (Hathi Trust – Massive e- Book Collection)

Title page from The Eagle's History of Poughkeepsie as found in the Hathi Trust Digital Library.

Tuesday’s Tip — Library of Congress’s Image Files

The Library of Congress doesn’t only collect books–they have a large and varied collection of photographs and other images.  Now, in the age of computers, many have been digitized and are available 24/7 at a computer near you!  Take a look at the specialized collections, or search by keyword to see if they have something of interest to you.         Tuesday’s Tip — August 23, 2016 (Library of Congress Images)

LOC poster


Tuesday’s Tip — Internet Safety and Passwords

One very important way to protect your personal information, and your privacy, is to have a secure password on your various accounts when using the Internet.  This week’s Tip provides tools to help you make your password security more robust–and also help protect you from yourself–as many of us forget our passwords if our home or office computers remember them for us.       Tuesday’s Tip — August 9, 2016 (Internet Safety and Passwords)


Library District Trustee Election Information

Click on the links to learn more about the Library District’s tentative trustee election.

Election Resolution:  Identifies the number and type of positions up for election this year.

Nominating Petitions:

Please refer any questions to the Library District’s Administrative Office at (845) 485-3445 x 3306.

Tuesday’s Tip — Summer Weather Preparedness

With record-setting heat this summer, and more scorching, humid days over 90 degrees expected in the future, a little preparation (and a lot of hydration!) can help keep you and loved ones safe.  It’s good to plan ahead, since a power failure or “brown-out” from A/C overuse could turn an inconvenience into a very real problem. The very young and very old are at highest risk.  Plan ahead and keep safe!               Tuesday’s Tip — July 19, 2016 (Summer Weather Preparedness)Hot guy