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Tuesday’s Tip — Air Travel Web Sites

Holiday time means travel time for many who are logging air miles to reunite with their far-flung families, and enjoy chestnut stuffing, eggnog, turkey, ham or tofurky.  In this week’s Tip,  you’ll find a whole slew of resources to help make your travels more economical and efficient.   Tuesday’s Tip — November 25, 2014 (Air Travel Web Sites)

Tuesday’s Tip — Dates for Serial Titles in the Online Catalog

Serials in our collections are not just magazines.  Periodicals can be anything that is issued periodically, so searching for the most current issue can be a bit more confusing than looking for a new edition of a book.  This week’s Tip tries to point out the pitfalls, and steer you to more success when searching for new materials!  Tuesday’s Tip — November 4, 2014 (Periodical and Serials– Dates in the Catalog)

Tuesday’s Tip — Mental Illness Awareness Week–NAMI & Suicide Prevention

As the nation observes Mental Illness Awareness Week, the Library District would like to share some resources to help the mentally ill and their families in our communities lead the best lives they can.  The organizations highlighted in this week’s Tip, can lead people who need it to help and treatment that can be life-saving.  Please share this Tip with anyone you know could benefit from these resources.  Tuesday’s Tip — October 7, 2014 (Mental Illness Awareness Week)

Tuesday’s Tip — Tech Tip — Tiny/Long URL

Have you ever wanted to send a link to someone, and it is incredibly LONG?  This week’s Tip will show you some tools for shortening those long Web addresses to convenient ‘tweetable’ length, and also ways to vet URLs in your social media feeds to help you decode and verify their origin before opening.  These tools can help you navigate the Web more easily–and safely!            Tuesday’s Tip — September 30, 2014 (Tech Tip – TinyURL-LongURL)


Tuesday’s Tip — Business Insights: Essentials now in Catalog

Our online Library Catalog is expanding once again, with the inclusion of our Business Insights:Essentials database!  Anyone looking for business information in the catalog will now have access to articles from business journals and newswires as well.  The database connection through the catalog is also a doorway to industry profiles, corporate histories, and an interface to locate investor information attached to company records.  Give it a look!   Tuesday’s Tip — September 23, 2014 (Business Insights Essentials in Catalog)

Tuesday’s Tip–Finding Current Events Information in the Library Catalog

Not just for physical collections anymore–libraries have expanded into cyberspace, with authoritative virtual collections housed in Internet-based subscription databases.   These expand our offerings to up-to-the-minute resources in a multitude of formats–all now keyword-searchable in our Encore library catalog!  Three of our databases are now searchable (Gale General OneFile; Academic OneFile; and Opposing Viewpoints in Context) with more on the way!

Tuesday’s Tip –September 9, 2014 (Current Events Information in the Catalog)