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Tuesday’s Tip — African-American Author Resources

For Black History Month it seemed like a good time to remind our readers about some of the excellent reference resources available at the Adriance Memorial Library, the Central Reference Library of the Mid-Hudson Library System.  This Tip showcases a handful of our reference books on black American writers through history.  You can also get a small taste of what can be explored in the Artemis Literary Database.  We also remind you of the wonderful circulating collection here–and throughout the system. Stop in and have a look!  Tuesday’s Tip — February 9, 2016 (Resources on Black Writers)




Tuesday’s Tip — AFI – Film Catalog

This week’s Tip nicely complements an earlier Tip on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) that we did 12/20/2011.  The American Film Institute’s AFI Site, profiled at the link below, is for the serious film buff or scholar -while IMDB caters to a more contemporary, celebrity-focused audience.  So grab a bowl of  popcorn and explore the enticing world of film!     Tuesday’s Tip — January 19, 2016 (AFI Film Catalog)


film board

NY Public Library Opens Up Its Special Collections

On Wednesday, January 6, the New York Public Library released more than 180,000 photographs, postcards, maps and other public-domain items from the library’s special collections in downloadable high-resolution files — along with an invitation to users to grab them and do with them whatever they please.

Most items in the public-domain release have already been visible at the library’s digital collections portal. The difference is that the highest-quality files will now be available for free and immediate download.

Street View, Then & Now, for example, allows users to wander up and down Fifth Avenue, comparing a current image of any location from Google Streetview with wide-angle shots taken by the photographer Burton Welles in 1911.

Tuesday’s Tip — New Year’s Eve, Time’s Square WebCam

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, … Happy New Year!!!

If you’ve dropped your paid cable TV subscription, but still have Internet,  here’s a way to get in on the fun of watching “The Ball”  drop, signifying the years changing.  Past celebrations and international events are streamed here too!  Get more details with a click on the link to the Tip below.

Tuesday’s Tip — December 29, 2015 (Times Square Live Feed New Year’s Eve)

NYE Ball

Tuesday’s Tip — Lumosity Brain Games

Put on your sweats and prepare to give your gray matter a workout.  There is much evidence to support that mental exercises contribute to brain health and memory retention.  You are your brain’s personal trainer, and with help from the challenging puzzles at Lumosity, featured in our Tip this week, you can play an active role in improving your mental functioning.       Tuesday’s Tip — December 22, 2015 (Brain games)


Tuesday’s Tip — Charity Finders

The Season of “goodwill toward men” (and women) is upon us, and many channel that sentiment in an altruistic desire to help those less fortunate than ourselves. When the urge to give generously strikes, the prudent philanthropist is wise to pause and consider the worthiness of a prospective charity to be sure that the intended recipients are the ones to benefit from the gift. This week we provide some tools to test a charity so when you give, you can know you are helping where it is needed most.    Tuesday’s Tip — December 15, 2015 (Charity Finders)


Tuesday’s Tip — WeatherSpark

There are many great Websites to explore for weather details: (National Weather Service); (The Weather Channel); and (Weather Underground)  including the Historical Weather section ( featured in the 1/3/12 Tip) come to mind– but in this week’s Tip we take a look at another great weather site — –that has many unique features that can be custom tailored like GIS ‘overlays’.  The site is perfectly laid out for anyone who works with GIS format maps, and it’s one of the best I’ve seen for tracking changing wind direction over time, something that is of great interest to birders everywhere during the spring and fall migration periods.   Give it a try and see if it becomes your new favorite!     Tuesday’s Tip — December 1, 2015 (