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Oscar-Winning Actress Promotes Libraries

Academy Award winning actress and bestselling author Julianne Moore recently recorded a public service announcement as part of the 30th anniversary of School Library Month. In the PSA, Moore speaks to how librarians empower students to succeed in school and beyond. The PSA can be viewed at

“School libraries make a difference,” said Moore. “I moved around a lot as a young child, and the first place I would visit in a new place was the school library. The librarians guided me, encouraged me, and set the stage for my lifelong love of reading. As educators, school librarians have a tremendous impact on our students’ personal and intellectual growth. School libraries foster creativity, innovation, play, and experimentation and offer a nurturing, and safe place for children to learn. I have a lot of love for librarians.”

Tuesday’s Tip — BookSuggester from Library Thing

While our very own library catalog also has great tools to alert the reader to other, similar titles he/she might enjoy, the BookSuggester is another fun resource to use to find out about great reads on a subject, or in a genre, that you already enjoy.

It’s a fun and user-friendly database that has something to suit almost everyone. You’re sure to find a book you’ll love!

Tuesday’s Tip — March 10, 2015 (BookSuggester)

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Library Usage Increases in New York

A Siena College Research Institute poll conducted in January found that public library usage is up 10% statewide over the last three years, with usage up nearly 20% among those households making less than $50,000 annually. 94% of respondents said that public libraries are “very” or “somewhat” important to our state’s educational infrastructure, while more than 80% of women, African-Americans, Latinos, and households making less than $50,000 say public libraries are “very important” to our educational system.

Meanwhile, in a press release announcing the results of the poll, Jeremy Johannesen, Executive Director of the New York Library Association, pointed out that library funding is nearly 20% less than what is mandated in state Education Law, and is currently at 1997 levels. He called on Governor Cuomo and library supporters in the State Senate and the Assembly to recognize that public libraries are at the core of the state’s educational infrastructure and must be equitably funded.

Tuesday’s Tip — Preparing for Extreme Cold Weather

This week we give you some places to turn to get ready to keep yourself–and your family– safe during potentially dangerous extreme weather conditions.  Some of the preparations are quite simple, and could save a life!   As the saying goes “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. – Benjamin Franklin

Tuesday’s Tip — February 10, 2015 (Extreme Cold- Safety )

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Harper Lee Causes a Stir!

Libraries everywhere were abuzz on Tuesday when Harper Lee announced she would be releasing a sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird this summer. News of the publication of Go Set a Watchman stunned fans of the 88-year-old author, who have waited for a second novel from Lee since 1960, when she released her debut tale of racism in the American south.

The new novel was written by Lee before To Kill a Mockingbird, but is set some 20 years later. It features Lee’s beloved character Scout as an adult, returning to her home town of Maycomb from New York to visit Atticus, her lawyer father, along with many of the other characters from Lee’s debut.

The Library District will enter the title into the collection in April and measure demand before placing an order. HarperCollins has announced that the novel will be published on July 14.

Tuesday’s Tip — Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Measles has once again gotten a toe-hold in America, with hundreds of cases now reported.  The go-to source for information when there is a disease outbreak is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  They are the reporting HQ, and also the clearinghouse for public information.  There is no better source to consult when a communicable disease is your concern!                           Tuesday’s Tip — February 3, 2015 (Centers for Disease Control – CDC)


Discovering the Joy of Books – at a Garbage Dump

This week, the BBC reported on a huge garbage dump in Brazil and some of the valuable items found by the people who scavenge there. One of those people, named Gloria, described some of the horrors of working at the dump, including being buried under a mountain of garbage, only surviving after her friends dug her out.

But, the report says, “the same dump that was causing her such sorrow and despair brought her salvation – in the form of Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Over the years Gloria had carefully curated a small library of books salvaged from the dump. And she credits a passage in The Brothers Karamazov for teaching her how to love her daughter. ‘It was the books that helped me. They saved me,” she says. “That was my way of living other lives, of travelling. I was a compulsive reader, I would read four or five books a week, and in the midst of that hard life I was high on books!’”

The dump has been replaced by a recycling plant and Gloria is now the coordinator of the facility.