Photo of Early Literacy Backpacks Hanging up
Photo of Early Literacy Backpack Contents for Infant Level

Early Literacy Backpacks
Available from the Parenting Collection at Adriance Memorial Library’s Children’s Department (2nd Floor)

What is an Early Literacy Backpack?
Our Early Literacy Backpacks are predicated on the idea that parents & caregivers are their child’s first teacher. Literacy development begins long before children enter school. Reading books together at home builds essential early literacy skills; it exposes young children to the sounds and rhythms of language, the conventions of print, vocabulary development, and sends a positive message to children about the value placed on literacy. In addition, reading together sparks children’s young imaginations and positively affects brain development, memory, and cognitive skills. Lastly, reading together creates warm emotional bonds between child and parent/caregiver and lays the foundation for school readiness.

Backpacks are available for three age levels (Infant, toddler, and preschool). We have three varieties of Backpacks (with different contents) for each age level.

What can you find in a backpack?
Each backpack contains 5 -6 books, an early literacy toy, and an early literacy tip.

For how long can I check out a Backpack? 
Backpacks can be checked out in person for 3 weeks. They are not renewable nor able to be placed on hold.