jlp play time sand 2Discovery Stations

The Library District’s Preschooler Learning Center Discovery Stations provide the materials for children and parents to explore and learn together, discovering their smart parts. Children and adults participate in open play and/or guided activities. Parents and other adult caregivers who participate in group activities are also encouraged to use the Center when open play activities are scheduled. These activities are designed to help three, four and five-year-olds develop the skills needed to have a successful experience when they enter kindergarten.

This program is based on the theory of multiple intelligences (MI) which proposes that people learn in many different ways. MI is not a teaching method, but rather the recognition that people have at least eight different intelligences and use all of them to a greater or lesser extent to process and learn information.

The Discovery Stations provide a way for parents/adult caregivers to stimulate all of their children’s smart parts. Books, materials and activities that expand on the experiences and connections presented at the stations are available at the Adriance and Arlington Branch libraries for families to use at home.

Smart Parts

Music Smart:  This person likes to hear music in his/her head, connect music to emotions, sing to him/herself, and tap or move to rhythms

Logic Smart:  This person likes to be precise, figure out relationships, have a special goal, and solve things

Picture Smart:  This person likes to, do puzzles, draw, imagine, visualize

Self Smart:  This person likes to be alone, have time to think things through, and reflect

Body Smart:  This person likes to build, experience, feel and touch, make things, and move

People Smart:  This person likes to be with people, empathize, interact, lead, and teach

Word Smart:  This person likes to learn new vocabulary, play with words, and read and write

Nature Smart:  This person likes to categorize, collect, grow, plant, relate to animals, and sort

Pre-School Story TimeLocation and Hours

The Preschooler Learning Center is located on the the second floor of the Adriance Memorial Library at 93 Market Street in Poughkeepsie.

For current schedule and to register, see our Early Childhood Programs calendar or call the Children’s Room at 485-3445 x3320.