What’s Cooking Blog – Entry #17: Mexican-Inspired Fish Tacos, Two-ways

This month we could have focused on authentic Mesoamerican recipes that, in moderation, are actually already healthy. Think of homemade guacamole, baked egg in avocado, roasted green tomatillo salsa (add tomatoes for a roasted red tomatillo salsa), or slow cooker Mexican hot chocolate. 

We could have cited cookbooks whose constituents include more sustainable Latin-style cuisine. Leaving more flexibility to indulge in refined-sugar free meals, Margaritas, or other mixed drinks and mocktails.

And, we could have highlighted some of the indigenous ingredients that identify regional dishes as Mexican, Tex-Mex, Spanish, Latin-American, or Californian/Californiac. Now that I’ve read about the differences between a street taco, a tortilla, and a tostada, we might also discuss various renditions of the tortilla.

These could all be ideas to expand on in the future. However, after comparing mucho recipes available in English and Spanish I decided to try a light version of Mexican-inspired fish tacos, two-ways.

Happy belated Cinco de Mayo! Enjoy Cooking, Mexican.

Title of Cookbook/Website: FeastingatHome.com

Author of Cookbook:  Sylvia Fountaine.

What prompted you to check out this cookbook/website? Initially, I was interested in finding a recipe for baked white fish tacos that wasn’t breaded or deep fried.

What did you like about this cookbook/website? The spices suggested in the Mexican-inspired dry rub were already in our cabinet, the fish wasn’t breaded, and sugar was optional.

What didn’t you like about this cookbook/website? Although there are many benefits to eating pickled foods and it would have added texture and a slightly different flavor, I chose to substitute the cabbage slaw with a simplified version of Christopher Kimball’s “braised red cabbage with (red onions and granny smith) apples.” 

If the recipe had suggested using dressing I probably would have omitted it to save time.

Favorite recipe (that you tried from the cookbook/website): Grilled Fish Tacos with Cilantro Lime Cabbage Slaw (Grilled, Baked or Stovetop).

Did you alter the recipe or make any substitutions? If so, what were they? Before seasoning/baking cod filet, I braised cabbage in red cider vinegar and vegetable broth. To be completely honest, I had an ulterior motive for taking extra time to prepare the cabbage like this.

In addition to serving the cabbage over tacos I also planned to use it as a side for another dish later in the week. 

The next night I referenced Gimme Some Oven’s “Super-Simple Salmon Tacos (with Juicy Citrus Salsa)” for seasoning suggestions. I chose not to make the salsa and omitted the flour and sugar. Cubed salmon was marinated and then cooked on very low heat in a cast iron skillet on the stove top. It was served with sweet corn, a Mexican-American cheese blend, fresh lime juice and braised cabbage in soft tortilla wraps. One wrap was a low-carb street [sized] taco wrap. 

*If tacos aren’t your thing, omit the taco shell/wrap in both recipes and serve in a bowl or on a plate (with nachos and salsa).

Would you recommend this cookbook/recipe? Yes, both

Cast Iron Skillet Salmon Fish Taocs-On Stovetop
Salmon Fish Tacos-Ready 2 Serve


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