With several ‘new arrivals’ expected among some of our friends,  we thought we’d share some sources for baby names.  An expectant parent-to-be might want to come in and check out a book to browse through -and share ideas with family members.  Folks can also use the Social Security baby names site to trace names back through time, and check to find out whether Gertrude was in the ‘top 10’ when it was bestowed on your Aunt in the 1930s (it had its heyday in the 1890s ranking #24!). You can also find some amazing names for a new pet if there are no babies on your horizon.  In the “Behind the Name” site, you can search by meaning –and give the new dog an apt name that will reflect his/her most admirable (or goofiest) trait… or find a new nickname if you’ve grown weary of saying “leave it, Spartacus!”   Tuesday’s Tip — November 26, 2013 (Baby names)