This week we look at a very rich resource, from the Petrucci Music Library, that includes music from around the world in the public domain. Any classically trained musician will find a treasure-trove here!

There is something interesting to be found by any music lover, and if you aren’t a player, there is much for the listener to enjoy as well. Are you looking for an unusual holiday carol to liven things up this season? Sometimes a way to connect with visiting relatives from faraway places is to share or learn old folksongs from the homeland. Students studying the history of times past might even enjoy listening to music from the time period. If dancing’s your thing, there are pages of polkas!   If an old melody is haunting you,  you can play it and search the database to see if you can identify a match.  Have fun playing and listening!            Tuesday’s Tip– December 10, 2013 (IMSLP- MUSIC)