They’re baaaack!  The migratory birds, that is.  If nature tickles your fancy, there is a lot of fun to be had in bird watching.  We are lucky in our area to have a diverse array of wild birds that breed here for the summer season–and if you keep your eyes sharp, you just may see some of the beautiful, colorful warblers, and others, that pass through in the spring and fall during rest stops along their northward–and then southward journeys.  Here’s a great resource and App to take in the field.  If you prefer a paper field guide to look through–or study before/after an outing–the library has a great collection of regional print field guides to birds that you can check out, too!  (just browse the stacks at 598.097 )

Tuesday’s Tip — May 16, 2017 (Guide to North America Birds)