For the 2016 election, the Library District has four (4) terms up for election representing the Town of Poughkeepsie and seven (7) candidates for those terms.  Each candidate was asked to provide a brief statement as to the reasons for their interest in serving on the library and they are provided below (listed by term and then alphabetical by candidate’s last name).

Town of Poughkeepsie – 2 Trustee – Unexpired Terms (1/1/2017 – 12/31/2019)

Thomas Bauer; Dutchess County Board of Elections

The reason for my running for Trustee of the Poughkeepsie Public Library District is simply to keep the vision of the district friends moving forward.  The library currently provides services to other community organizations and I would like to expand on that platform more with in Poughkeepsie and Dutchess County.

Illiteracy is an issue in our local community and by expanding our outreach we will  be able to increase the graduation rate in our public schools.  

The library district offers an array of diverse programs and resources  for people of all ages in our community, and we need to get the message out to the parents, senior citizens and school aged children that we are available for them.

I have been on local boards of directors in Dutchess County including Rebuilding Together Dutchess County and I know about the hours and commitment that it takes to keep an organization moving in a positive direction.  If a person would like to email their ideas for improving the library district I am willing to read their comments and present them to the board if elected.

Thomas J. McGlinchey; Vassar College (retired), Writing Specialist, academic counselor, administrator and adjunct instructor

My love of libraries began when I discovered the Carnegie library that served my Manhattan neighborhood; since then I have spent much of my life in community libraries as well as large college and university libraries.  Therefore, when I retired from my job at Vassar College as an academic counselor, writing specialist, administrator and adjunct instructor, I was delighted to be asked to serve on the Board of the Poughkeepsie Public Library District.  What an amazing eight years it has been:  the opening of the new Adriance, the conversion of an old derelict power station into the beautiful Boardman Road Branch Library, the flourishing of the Big Read, the establishment of literacy and computer learning programs, the lecture series, and so much more.  I have supported the emergence of the PPLD, under the strong leadership of Director Tom Lawrence, as the ideal of the 21st Century library.

If elected to another term as a trustee representative of the Town, I will work to make sure that the tax money that is entrusted to the Library Board when the voters approve the District’s budget each November Election Day is used wisely for the continuing excellence of our Libraries.  I will also push for an assessment of the needs of all the constituents of the District, leading to the creation of a new master plan.  I will also stand guard to make sure our Libraries remain FREE, welcoming to all civil and peaceful persons, and independent of political or religious faction.

Mary E. Moore; IBM Marketing Manager

It has been my honor to represent the Town of Poughkeepsie for the past seven years as a Trustee of the PPLD. I ask for your vote to allow me to continue to serve.  During my tenure I am most proud of my service on the Planning Committee which oversaw the completion of our Boardman Road Branch.  As a Trustee I have become passionate about the importance of our library today and its potential to become a more integral part of our community. This passion comes from seeing our library in action: in the Children’s Rooms where our children are energized through books, computers and events, in the teen rooms, the learning and computer centers; and in our meeting rooms where we listen to authors and scholars and gather for community events. The importance of our library is reflected in our monthly statistics which continue to increase – event attendance, enrollment in classes, and of course, the circulation of our books, eBooks and online services.

The value of our Library today and in the future is due to the passion of our staff and administration, the vision and integrity of our Trustees, and the hard work of our Friends.  Please allow me to continue to serve you and our library.    

Town of Poughkeepsie – 1 Trustee – Unexpired Term (1/1/2017 – 12/31/2020)

Dianne Blazek; Reading Specialist, Arlington Central School District

I am running for the Board of Trustees because of a life-long love of books and my strong support of the PPLD.  Our library is an extraordinary resource, and I believe I can contribute to its ongoing success as a trustee.  I have served on the Board for the past 11 months and am excited to be a part of a group of dedicated people working together for the good of our community.  My committee work for the library has been Finance and Development and Policy, and I bring a wealth of knowledge about literacy, education in our diverse community, and a desire to move the goals of the library forward.

I belong to the Mid-Hudson and New York Reading Associations; Phi Delta Kappa, a professional organization for educators; and Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society. As a reading specialist, books are, and always have been, an important part of my life. One of my earliest childhood memories is pulling a red wagon to my local library and filling it with books! After completing a Master’s degree in Education at the University of Minnesota, I taught first grade for nearly 20 years, and then became certified in Reading so I could focus on early childhood literacy. By continuing my work on the Board of Trustees, I will be able to help promote literacy in its various forms and support the literacy needs of the community as the library continues to provide information to the public.

Erika Stavanau; Mortgage Professional, Citibank

I was born and raised in the Town of Poughkeepsie. I am a single mother of 2 kids and I want the best for my children and the community that we live in.  I have been involved with many organizations and non-profit agencies over my years of living in the Town and City of Poughkeepsie including: The Board of Directors for Dutchess Outreach, The Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse, The National Association of Professional Mortgage Women, Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce (DCRCOC) Member and 2011 Forty Under 40 Winner, Spackenkill Union Free School District PTA, and the Hudson Valley Regional Representative for the New York State Children’s Alliance.  I am an active member of the Town of Poughkeepsie Republican Committee and I also hold the Executive Position of Secretary.   I am an active member of the Poughkeepsie Women’s Republican Club where I hold the position of 1st Vice President.  I am the former Vice-Chair for the City of Poughkeepsie Republican Committee.

As a resident in the Town of Poughkeepsie, I want to do my part as a community member to better the environment and education for my children.  My goal as a Library Trustee is to enhance services while staying below the Tax Cap. 

Town of Poughkeepsie – 1 Trustee – 5 Year Term (1/1/2017 – 12/31/2021)

Amy L. Haight; Civil Engineer

At the young age of 4 Amy Haight found her love of books and learning at the Hyde Park Library. Since the time she could read Amy participated in numerous reading groups. Amy visited the library as much as she could. The library was an important and beneficial part of her education. Later in life, Amy realizes the key to bettering communities is through education. Local libraries provide ample opportunity to engage and educate community members, young and old. Libraries are a safe place for residents to study and engage in social groups. Amy knows it is equally important to remain fiscally responsible while providing the community with programs that are both loved and needed. Ms. Haight, a local Civil Engineer, is running for Library Trustee to ensure the Poughkeepsie Public Library District continues to provide its residents with the programs and content they have come to rely on, all while maintaining a responsible and modest budget.

Miriam Zimet-Aaron; retired educator (Spackenkill Union Free School District)

The Boardman Road branch!  The Big Read!  Programming for children, teens, adults!  Big-name speakers!  The Friends Book store!   New Technology!     The Poughkeepsie Public Library District has been a source of community activity for so many years, with each year bringing more innovation, new programs, greater community involvement.  I have been fortunate to have been a part of the PPLD Board of Trustees for the past six years, and it is a great privilege to participate in some of the amazing innovations that are taking place. (3-D printers? Who would have imagined our library would have not one, but six!).

After 30 years as a Foreign Language teacher at Spackenkill High School, I was thrilled to become a Trustee of the Library where I had been a patron since toddler-hood.  I hope that I am able to continue to serve on the Library Board as a Town of Poughkeepsie representative for another five year term, and am excited to see where our beloved institution ventures next.