Through Their Lens: Photographers and Their Work

Thursday, May 25: Isaac Jeffreys, Chuck Mishaan
Thursday, June 8: Thomas Kletecka, Onaje Benjamin
Tuesday, June 13: Les Muldorf, Claudia Gorman

Boardman Road Branch Library at 6 PM
Registration required for each session.

Meet the artists behind the lens in this dynamic photography discussion series. Each event will feature two photographers who apply a unique perspective to the medium, and will talk about their works, growth as an artist, inspirations, and challenges.

Thursday, May 25 at 6 PM

Isaac Jeffreys grew up in the tranquil and historic Hudson Valley/Catskills region, and finds himself returning to the area to create work as much as he can. The architecture and ambiance of many of the Borscht Belt’s resorts captivated him, as they embodied a perfect amalgamation of his passions- architecture, set design, culture and entertainment, tourism history, and the wistful nostalgia of times gone by. Isaac’s photographs aim to respond and converse about the timely—and timeless—nature of the fabled era.

Chuck Mishaan’s early photographic experience began with Box and Brownie cameras, Kowas and Minoltas, and has evolved to his recent work exclusively taken on his iphone. Chuck has been fascinated with how light, shape and color, and the click of the shutter, can create a meaningful composition. Chuck believes that “with all that equipment and learning, the EYE is what makes a photograph work.”

Chuck will also be exhibiting his show, Abstract Photography, in the Rotunda Gallery at Adriance Memorial Library from May 2 – June 29. He will be featured in a separate artist talk on Wednesday, June 7 at Adriance Memorial Library. No registration is required.

Thursday, June 8 at 6 PM

Thomas Kletecka is a renowned runway photographer known for his captivating images that capture the essence of fashion and beauty. Born and raised on Long Island, Thomas developed a love for photography at a young age, but had only pursued the art in his late 20s. He realized that his passion lay in the technical aspects of photography and capturing the glamour and excitement of the fashion industry. The Collective Edit was founded to support the fashion community with presentation and runway show photographic services. It is composed of an international pool of runway photographers who specialize in providing powerful content from their experience within the industry. From the runway to the front row, from backstage to the red carpet, Collective Edit captures the best content from every designers’ collection.

Onaje Benjamin‘s photography reflects a passion for social justice and activism. His images capture urban settings and the cultural and artistic tensions which evolve in these rapidly changing environments.Oanje’s work ranges from images of street taggers and muralist, to portraits of street people and the structural and architectural evolution which symbolizes gentrification and the uprooting of disenfranchised communities.

Tuesday, June 13 at 6 PM

Les Muldorf retired from the dental field as an endodontist after 52 years. While dentistry was his occupation, his passion has always been photography. Les considers himself as an eclectic photographer, meaning that there are many things that pique his interest. Les has been engaged by the New Paltz College Theater department and Vassar College Dance department to photograph their rehearsals and performances for many years. Les uses photography to  record his journeys and keep the memories fresh. Traveling has also brought him new photographic opportunities, such as landscape and nature photography. Since he never knows where or when the next great photograph will appear, he always carries a camera.

Claudia Gorman embraced photography as an art form in the late 1970’s. As a photographer/artist, she believes the click of the shutter is the beginning of a visual journey. Creating the photographic print is as important as taking the picture. Gorman says the final image is all about her moods and insight. Subtle manipulations in the film or digital darkroom, camera and film choices, as well as hand coloring B/W photographs and using alternative processes, are all tools she uses to create art.