Entrances of each of the PPLD locations

Library Communications / Public Relations Survey

The focus of this survey pertains to how you hear of the library’s services and events.

Man watching streamed movies on TV

Library Collections and Materials Survey
Encuesta sobre el material de la biblioteca

The focus of this survey pertains to the Library District’s materials.
Esta encuesta se centra en los materiales del distrito de la biblioteca.

A library staff person assisting an individual at the public computer

Adult Services Survey
Encuesta Comunitaria – Programas para adultos

This survey focuses on adult programming, with “adult” defined as anyone 18 and older.
Esta encuesta se enfoca en los programas para adultos o aquellas personas de 18 años o más.
Senior couple in athletic clothes outside hiking

Senior Services Survey
Encuesta Comunitaria – Servicios a personas mayores

For this survey, “seniors” is defined as anyone 65 and older.
En esta encuesta, “personas mayores” se define como cualquier persona mayor de 65 años o más.

Teenaged boy face painting a girl at a library party

Youth Services Survey
Esta encuesta, enfocada en los servicios para la juventud

This survey, focusing on Youth Services, is the first in a series designed to provide input for planning services that respond to local community interests and needs.