A step down the dark hallway:
It is extremely difficult to go through another odious day. You just want it to end. You want to do what you want to do. Though, when you are available for that sort of amount of time, you want to do everything and nothing at the same time. A factor that affects your decision is most likely self-motivation. You do tasks that you hate most of the time while you are awake. You convince yourself to just stop and rest. Which is good; it is good for yourself in many ways to rest. Though when it comes to the point of idleness, you create a cycle. You have a cycle of hatred for the tasks that already take over your life. You daydream of what you want. Though you just dream. You do not make it a reality, which is a fault many of us have. We are human; we are imperfect. We sit and wait. We wait for an opportunity without realizing that we miss it and do not take advantage of what is secretly in the world.
We wait because we feel so drained. We just want to rest, wait, and be comfortable. Though evidently, this will be your demise. We get too comfortable. We get too idle yet restless. Though this is all short-term. We sacrifice everything for immediate comfort in our bubble; instead, we should reach out, even when we feel like we do not want to get out of bed; do it.
We do not want to get out of our comfortable bubble; though then complain of how we hate it. We try to push things further and farther away and make excuses to stay where you are and not get up and take a step forward out of our bubble. We look around at the walls that suffocate us, we hate it and just want to get out. We cannot breathe. We are gasping for air. Though there is a dark hallway, unknown and scary. You stay because even though the suffocating walls will eventually kill you, you convince yourself it cannot be worse than walking through the dark hallway. You make excuses that you’ll do it tomorrow or that you are too tired; you will do it later. It is a cycle that is so difficult to end. To get where you want to and take the right path for yourself, you have to take a step forward. Take a step forward into the scary darkness, for eventually, it is all worth it because there is a light at the end of it all.
Have a wonderful day, my lovelies! Carpe diem! ILY!
Sofia C. From The Sunshine