We thought you might like to share some of your thoughts and feelings.   This time of quarantine can be difficult but it can help to write down what you are going through.    We would love to hear from you on this blog.   Only  your first name will be used  and if you don’t want that that just let us know we will just say:  “Anonymous”

Please send your musings to teencafe@poklib.org

If you need some help thinking of what to say here are some writing prompts:

Who or what are you grateful for today?

What have you gotten to do during quarantine that you normally would not get to do? 

Finish this statement: I am really proud of myself for how I have handled these circumstances because …

What changes, big or small, are you noticing in the world around you?

How has the virus disrupted your daily life? What are you missing? School, sports, competitions, extracurricular activities, social plans, vacations or anything else?