The Memories of Our Lives
Who are we without our memories?
The images that bind us to who we are
to the people that we love
even to the people that we hate
deciding whether we stay or go
when it comes to a place or a person

Compiled together they build us up as human beings
The fantastic, the horrendous, and everything in between
Minds tend to focus on the worst ones
these are the ones that can make or break you.

The bad test score that leaves you feeling foolish
thinking that you know nothing about anything.

That breakup which knocks the life out of you
leaving you with the unnerving question of “am i no longer good enough for anyone?”

Your friendship which you thought just maybe might have lasted forever coming to an end,
the person you trusted the most, gone.

Not getting accepted to your dream school,
the one you had been dreaming about since you were a child,
what are you to do now?

Followed by so many more.

These are the memories that make you forget who you are.
The ones that beat you down,
making you feel as if you are nothing,
keeping you up at night while you lament over them.
They are the ones that make you wish you never did what led to them.

Do not forget that you are more than those memories,
for every bad memory there are hundreds of good ones.

Those nights you and your best friend stayed up till three am laughing,
you two are inseparable.

The first time you flew on a plane flying up high into the sky,
oh how it was glorious to be amongst the clouds.

Getting that new job at a company that you had admired for so very long,
finally feeling that you have a place in this ever-changing world.

The holiday season where you feel the most loved,
spending time with both your friends and family.
Standing back and watching them grateful for every moment that passes by.

These memories are where you feel infinite,
they lift you up to a place where no one can touch you.
Making you fall in love with life through every one.
They overpower the bad because happiness is to always be found somewhere, somehow.
Sometimes in the most unexpected places.

Without the memories we have created,
we would be very different people,
memories are the points at which we begin.