Make a quarantine time capsule.

While this new reality hasn’t been easy, one day we’ll be looking back at it. We are witnessing a significant historic event. Why not put together a time capsule that the whole family can contribute to? A time capsule is a container used to store a selection of objects that you have chosen to show things typical of the present time and then buried or put away in a safe place to be opened in the future. Imagine your grandchildren discovering your Quarentine Time Capsule!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Pictures of you in your favorite daily clothes
Photos of your car(s)
A video montage of your daily life
Photos of you and your family wearing masks and gloves
Written memories of your time together as a family during this time; activities, games
A menu from a favorite restaurant
Description how COVID-19 affected you your family
Newspaper front pages with major headlines
Pictures of downtown or suburban skyline and storefronts
A craft you made during this time