Writing in the Huffington Post last week, Julie Sandorf, President of the Charles H. Revson Foundation, called for increased funding for New York City’s public libraries. Her impassioned appeal is applicable to public libraries everywhere:

“One can make a compelling case that no institution in New York City plays a more vital role in addressing income inequality than our libraries, which provide all New Yorkers with access to materials and services – including literacy itself – that they can use to improve their lives. Increasingly, they also provide advice and assistance in finding a job, becoming an entrepreneur, and starting a business.”

“A report titled ‘Branches of Opportunity,’ published by the Center for an Urban Future last year, found that over the past decade circulation at New York City libraries has increased by 59 percent, program attendance by 40 percent, and program sessions by 27 percent while City funding has declined by 8 percent. Perhaps surprisingly in a digital age, the need for libraries has only expanded.”