The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan was a very suspenseful story. Every page flipped felt like a monster could’ve come out of nowhere ready to attack the main characters. Although written for young teens it’s still very engaging and thrilling for someone of any age. Percy Jackson’s character is very well written. A troubled boy who thought he was good for nothing to a demigod hero who saves the world from destruction. He’s also a very relatable child. The other two main characters grover and Annabeth served as good mentors and likeable characters throughout the story. They also compliment each other very well with each character having their strengths and weaknesses.
The plot was written perfectly. It found a good mixture of not giving us a boring lesson on greek mythology, but instead it made it very interesting and left me wanting to learn more about it. My only complaint was that it was occasionally repetitive which wasn’t very enjoyable however it didn’t take from my overall enjoyment too much. One setting in the story being camp half blood was described in detail to be a place I’m sure many kids would enjoy going. Away from your parents and with people just like yourself. This book was very enjoyable and I’m glad I read it.