The Giver is a book by Lois Lowry that was published in 1994. It is a book that most children will read during their school years but has captivated audiences of all kinds. The story takes place in a dystopian universe where the main character, Jonas, lives in a perfect world, where there is no war, or pain, or emotions. Lois Lowry did a fantastic job making the readers slowly realize just how messed up this world everyone was living in truly was. Jonas development as a character was truly marveling as we get to learn the truth about this world with him. Another Character is the Giver before Jonas, who helps Jonas learn about the memories and the impact they have. He served as a great mentor to Jonas as we could kind of feel attached to him. Another major plot point in this story is the use of very mature themes, such as suicide, and forcible killing of one twin.
I enjoyed this book, but i;m for the most part giving it a 3 out of 5 because I had a few issues with it. First of all, I didn’t really like an ambiguous ending. I would rather a story be wrapped completely than left open-ended. After I finished reading the book, I just felt like something was missing. Also, I was kind of missing a connection to some of the characters. Also, the world didn’t really feel believable. Like, the world-building was interesting, but it wasn’t explained enough to make it believable. Other than that, I enjoyed the book. The plot was engaging, and the writing was up to snuff. It was still a pretty good book and I would recommend it.