The Drawing of The Three is yet another incredible story written by Stephen King. It was a very character driven story with plenty of back story for every character. The main selling point however would have to be Roland the main character. Roland alone made flipping through the pages very enjoyable as we could never really tell what his next move was going to be. Probably one of if not the best character I’ve ever read about in a story, He’s strangely likeable yet a complete badass.

Along with Roland we get introduced to new characters such as the heroine addicted Eddie Dean and the schizophrenic Odetta Holmes, who like Roland are odd, but likeable characters.
One issue with this book was that it takes patience to read. There’s constant senseless rants that add nothing to the story and if anything just make it less enjoyable. It almost seems as if Stephen King got carried away with his writing and tried his hardest to drag it on for as long as he could. Despite being a little difficult to read at times the overall plot was very interesting to read. It’s a very strange story but in a good way which makes it stand out over so many other books.