Romeo and Juliet written by the notorious William Shakespeare is a classic. The overall plot was impeccable. Two young lovers are cursed by their rival families to never see each other. It makes the readers feel sympathetic towards the main characters who can’t have the one thing they want. Shakespeare’s ability to turn the play from a comedy to a tragedy is often praised and for a good reason as the story would take a quick turn. Shakespeare also did a good job using dramatic irony consistently in the story which I personally don’t enjoy that much as I feel it just spoils the story however it was his intention.
One thing I disliked about this story was how quick the characters were to act and their decision making. Romeo and Juliet knew each other for merely four days yet they were willing to die for each other. Instead of adding a sense of sympathy for them it just made me think that they’re not very intelligent people. The romance just didn’t feel real and the age gap made it kind of uncomfortable despite it being normal at the time. Overall the plot idea behind Romeo and Juliet is good however the execution could have been much better.