Cujo written by Stephen King is an exceptional book. With having an original conflict, the family pet went murderous. This book has a peculiar dynamic making the reader unsure if the protagonist can actually go through with murdering their dog. This book does a good job of keeping the Reader on their toes, making it easy to read through, Especially while Cujo is tearing apart the car with the characters in it. The mother is also a great Character; she’s one of the earliest examples of a badass, But she’s also selfless, wanting to risk herself just to save her son from Cujo.
One problem I had with the book was how the protagonist dealt with Cujo. granted he is a Saint Bernard but he’s also still a dog. it would have been very easy to outsmart him or just to restrain and beat him up. she also wasn’t the smartest either which was a little enraging considering she could have escaped multiple times but didn’t. other than those tiny discrepancies the book was really good and I would recommend it. Especially if you want new fears of dogs as this book implies that your own dog could go crazy at any moment.