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They Both Die at the End is a novel by Adam Silvera that explores love through loss, hope and in the end living life on your own terms. The book starts at midnight where the two main characters both receive a call that would change their lives over the course of just one day. This call tells these two characters that they are destined to die that very day. There is no information given on how or when they are going to die but they know it is going to happen. The main characters, Rufus and Mateo were on very different journeys through life but met through fate. After meeting through a social media app meant for
Deckers (people who had gotten the call) the duo tries to spend the day pushing each other out of their comfort zones and making the most out of the rest of their lives. They try numerous activities, some meant especially for Deckers and some not. These two characters seem as they could not be any more different, on the inside they are more similar than they could imagine. They connect through shared loss and heartbreak and learn valuable lessons from each other.
The writing style of this book is very easy to understand as some of the words used seem very juvenile. Although I do understand the purpose of this as the book is supposed to be told from the perspective of two young teenagers, it still at times feels forced and disingenuous. The book in itself was very good at keeping you interested and bittersweet at the same time through the last goodbyes and found love throughout the story. The novel also taught an important lesson on found family and its impact. Both of these characters are left on their own, with Mateo’s father in a coma and his mother dead and Rufus’ parents and sister both dead. They go through their life with people not related by blood, but still as important as family. Mateo’s best friend and Rufus’ best friends in foster care with him are all important, driving factors throughout the day and the decisions made.