Sunday, October 4 – Saturday, November 7

Reading a good book can put the rest of the world on pause – allowing us to explore new realms, to discover new ideas, and to connect with our community in a new way. That is the hope of the annual NEA Big Read. In the face of the stresses of 2020, the Big Read literature opens a window for reflection, inspiration, peace, and growth.

The primary book for 2020’s NEA Big Read is Hope Jahren’s memoir Lab Girl. It is a compelling story of one girl’s journey from hanging out in her father’s chemistry lab to establishing her own academic research facility. Chapters alternate between Jahren’s story and delightful tales of seeds, leaves, trees, or some other segment of the natural world.

For younger readers, the 2020 NEA Big Read offers companion literature that inspires appreciation for our natural world and for scientific observations.

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Grades 9 – Adult

Grades 4 – 8

Grades K – 3


Big Read Events & Programs

There are some amazing events and programs lined up to celebrate and further dive into this year’s NEA Big Read.

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Cool Stuff to Do Anytime!

Hikes, journaling, a Family Reading Challenge and more…

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Are you an Educator?

Every year, hundreds of students across the Mid-Hudson region are exposed to great literature through this program, thanks to their enthusiastic, gifted teachers! The Library held several Professional Development sessions and has made them available to all to use. 

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