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Tuesday’s Tip — Shark Tracker

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water.....Bom, bom, bom, bom.... Some of you may recognize the line from the movie "Jaws".  This week's Tip will show you how to track shark activity [...]

Tuesday’s Tip — Shark Tracker2017-06-21T00:57:36-04:00

Tuesday’s Tip — Finding Community Activities

Looking for something fun to do with the family this weekend?  We've compiled a few resources that highlight area goings on for you.  Whether your interests are sports, music, drama or farmers' markets, [...]

Tuesday’s Tip — Finding Community Activities2017-06-21T00:49:11-04:00

Tuesday’s Tip — National Pride Month

Public libraries serve many diverse groups within our communities and it seems fitting, as June is National Pride Month, to show our LGBT friends, family and neighbors how to locate materials in our col [...]

Tuesday’s Tip — National Pride Month2017-06-07T00:40:09-04:00

Tuesday’s Tip — Language Learning Sites/Apps

For many, summertime is travel time and when that travel takes you to a foreign country it's always fun to study the language of your host country-- at least a few standard phrases, simple directions to [...]

Tuesday’s Tip — Language Learning Sites/Apps2017-05-31T00:38:44-04:00

Tuesday’s Tip — National Park Service INFO

This weekend marks the 'unofficial' start of summer with the Memorial Day Holiday, and many families are thinking of the last days of the school year and thinking of exciting family vacations!  To help [...]

Tuesday’s Tip — National Park Service INFO2017-05-24T00:40:40-04:00

Tuesday’s Tip — Guide to North American Birds

They're baaaack!  The migratory birds, that is.  If nature tickles your fancy, there is a lot of fun to be had in bird watching.  We are lucky in our area to have a diverse array of wild birds that bree [...]

Tuesday’s Tip — Guide to North American Birds2017-05-17T00:54:29-04:00

Tuesday’s Tip — Town Hall Project

Citizen engagement is pretty high these days, and more folks are taking their role as participants in our American democracy more seriously than ever before.  Town Halls are increasingly the venue for c [...]

Tuesday’s Tip — Town Hall Project2017-05-10T00:40:40-04:00

Tuesday’s Tip– Literary Hub

Libraries would be remiss if they did not encourage their communities to read! There are a lot of wonderful sites to help you find something great to suit your interests!  We have highlighted several in [...]

Tuesday’s Tip– Literary Hub2017-05-03T00:32:49-04:00

Tuesday’s Tip — Main & Market Local History Website

If you can't easily make an appointment to visit our Local History collection, there are a lot of wonderful resources you can access 24/7 from our virtual collection of photographs and postcards!  Click [...]

Tuesday’s Tip — Main & Market Local History Website2017-04-25T23:30:05-04:00

Tuesday’s Tip — Filing Tax Extensions

What?!  You still haven't filed your taxes?!  Well, you aren't alone!  Many leave the tax filing to the very last minute.  If you, or a loved one, engage in this specific procrastination, today's Tip wi [...]

Tuesday’s Tip — Filing Tax Extensions2017-04-18T18:43:35-04:00

Tuesday’s Tip — Stress Less!

This week, we give you some resources to bring you peace of mind.  Life can be overwhelming, but the library has so many resources for self-care, you can combat the chaos with some simplification.  We s [...]

Tuesday’s Tip — Stress Less!2017-04-19T14:21:54-04:00

Tuesday’s Tip — Legal Forms

This week's Tip contains sources for some common NYS legal forms--and you'll also find contacts for all of the courts in the State.  Hopefully you won't have a need to tangle with the legal system --for [...]

Tuesday’s Tip — Legal Forms2017-04-04T23:20:50-04:00
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