Elegy for my Childhood

Long lazy summers spent lounging around
staying up all night at sleepovers
swinging on the swings without a care in the world
and on picture day having my hair nice and curled
reading books like magic tree house
always wanting to learn what I could
learning addition and subtraction
eventually followed by multiplication and division
playing video games like Poptropica
Oh the joys of childhood

I miss those joys of childhood
the days filled with little to no worries
running around on the playground
I miss kindergarten, its simplicity
learning the ABCs
and to count
I miss feeling like I was on top of the world
like a superhero Simile)
when you’re young you want to grow up
but when you’re older you wish to grow back down
that is what I wish to do now

Though my childhood, for the most part, has been completed
I still have the pictures
stored away in the many scrapbooks that are artifacts
So if I’d like too I can always look at them
to remind myself of the past
and of course, I’ll always have the memories