Tuesday's Tips

Tuesday’s Tip — NASA.gov

The story of the amazing African-American women who worked behind the scenes for the U.S. Space Program has certainly ignited a lot of interest!  If Hidden Figures caught your interest, you can learn all you want to know about the agency, its programs, and its personnel at the NASA.gov site.  To explore more material on African-American scientists, you can discover them here.

Tuesday’s Tip — March 21, 2017 (NASA.GOV)


Tuesday's Tips

Tuesday’s Tip — GovTrack.us

However you voted in this past election, more people than ever are taking an interest in how our national government is operating.
 If you have decided to be more actively involved in participatory democracy, this site gives you the tools to keep track of your elected officials in Congress–so you can thank them for well serving you–or hold them accountable for decisions that cause you harm.   Tuesday’s Tip –March 7, 2017 (GovTrack.us)
Tuesday's Tips

Tuesday’s Tip — Black History Month Books

Capping off the library’s month-long display celebrating Black History Month, this Tip showcases books about some lesser-known people who made their mark upon society.  The link at the end is really worth a look–uncovering fascinating photographs in the NYT archive, and chronicling many unknown events involving some of our country’s most prominent African-American citizens.    Tuesday’s Tip — February 21, 2017 (Books for Black History Month)


Tuesday's Tips

Tuesday’s Tip — Volunteering in the Community

“If you aren’t part of the solution, you’re part of the problem”…  This famous old saying is a bit brash, but there is a LOT to be said in favor of volunteering your services in the community!  This week’s Tip steers you to some of the possibilities in the Hudson Valley area.  It is amazing how thinking and giving of yourself to others can actually come back to you with benefits for your own well-being.  Perhaps a kinder, gentler saying–“it is better to give than to receive” is more apt.

Tuesdays Tip — February 7, 2017 (Volunteering)


Tuesday's Tips

Tuesday’s Tip — Preparing for the TASC Exam

Those looking to obtain their High School Equivalency credentials in New York need to pass the TASC exam.  Our library has many resources to help.  We have print study guides, and a database with practice tests and online tutoring which are outlined in the Tip below.  We also partner with the BOCES Office of Adult Continuing Education to host study classes right here in the library (Tuesdays & Thursdays from 9:00am-1:00pm)!  They’re announced under the Learn to Earn heading in our newsletter “The Rotunda“.  Registration is required and done through BOCES at 845-483-3640 x 6108.       Tuesdays Tip January 31, 2017 (TASC)



Tuesday's Tips

Tuesday’s Tip — Free Photo Editing Apps for the iPhone

Was that picture you snapped with your phone while taking a hike last week backlit, leaving your visiting relative a mere silhouette?  You can retrieve their smiling face in ‘post production’ if you have an editing App downloaded to your phone.  Give these a look, and it you like the features, they can be yours–for free!

Tuesday’s Tip — January 17, 2017 (Photo editing apps)


Tuesday's Tips

Tuesday’s Tip — The Best Commencement Speeches, Ever

If you are looking for a way to feel hopeful about the future, you might find some words of inspiration or comfort in the collected speeches of some renowned people who are admired by many, sharing their words of encouragement with new college graduates setting out to meet their futures.  Take a peek at the Commencement speeches in this database–or watch some recorded live–and you just might feel like going out to meet the challenges of a new day with renewed spirit!   tuesdays-tip-january-10-2017-commencement-speech-database