Tuesday's Tips

Tuesday’s Tip — Language Learning Sites/Apps

For many, summertime is travel time and when that travel takes you to a foreign country it’s always fun to study the language of your host country– at least a few standard phrases, simple directions to find your way around, and how to reference common objects.  This Tip will show you two great sites/Apps that make language learning fun through interactive exercises.  Check them out!  Aloha.

Tuesday’s Tip — May 30, 2017 (Language Learning Sites)

Tuesday's Tips

Tuesday’s Tip — National Park Service INFO

This weekend marks the ‘unofficial’ start of summer with the Memorial Day Holiday, and many families are thinking of the last days of the school year and thinking of exciting family vacations!  To help you make your plans, consider a trip to one of our amazing National Parks and/or Historic Sites.  Many are right here in our backyard and surrounding region.  Our Tip will guide you to the site and show a few of the features available.

***Is there a FOURTH Grader in your household?  If so, you can get a FREE pass for your whole family to explore National parks for an entire year!  https://www.everykidinapark.gov/

Tuesday’s Tip — May 23, 2017 (National Park Service)

Tuesday's Tips

Tuesday’s Tip — Guide to North American Birds

They’re baaaack!  The migratory birds, that is.  If nature tickles your fancy, there is a lot of fun to be had in bird watching.  We are lucky in our area to have a diverse array of wild birds that breed here for the summer season–and if you keep your eyes sharp, you just may see some of the beautiful, colorful warblers, and others, that pass through in the spring and fall during rest stops along their northward–and then southward journeys.  Here’s a great resource and App to take in the field.  If you prefer a paper field guide to look through–or study before/after an outing–the library has a great collection of regional print field guides to birds that you can check out, too!  (just browse the stacks at 598.097 )

Tuesday’s Tip — May 16, 2017 (Guide to North America Birds)


Tuesday's Tips

Tuesday’s Tip — Town Hall Project

Citizen engagement is pretty high these days, and more folks are taking their role as participants in our American democracy more seriously than ever before.  Town Halls are increasingly the venue for communities to meet their Representatives face-to-face to ensure that the will of “The People” is being done.   Letters, phone calls, and faxes can let your elected officials know what you think–but to get their responses, nothing beats a meeting!  The Town Hall Meeting Project is a resource to help keep you informed of opportunities in your area.

Tuesday’s Tip — May 9, 2017 (Town Hall Project )