Tuesday’s Tip — Carbon Footprint Calculator

Did you know that you can save “green” ($$$)  by going ‘green’?   Many energy-saving measures add up to conserving both –your financial resources and natural resources!  Our Tip this week explores the Carbon Footprint Calculator, so you can learn specific ways to make sure there are resources of all kinds for the future.  You’d be surprised how much energy it takes to make a single aluminum soda can.  You are helping even by recycling a can–after thoroughly rinsing it — rather than throwing it into the trash (learn more here)!  How simple is that?!


Tuesday’s Tip — Unroll.me Website

Is your e-mail getting the best of you?  We can all feel overwhelmed by the inbox, and sometimes that automatic feed or subscription that seemed like a good idea at the time just comes back to haunt you with unread messages that begin to pile up.  The Unroll.me service is a great way to consolidate your subscription reading and help you get a handle on it–or easily get off the list(s)!  Read all about where and how in this week’s Tip!  tuesdays-tip-november-29-2016-unroll-me-websitemailbox

Tuesday’s Tip — Winterizing Your Car

Well, it’s Thanksgiving Week , and we’ve already had our first taste of winter in the form of snowfall that blanketed our area in white, icy flakes.  This quintessential American holiday is also one of the heaviest travel days of the year!  Make your way safely by reading this week’s Tip and following the sage advice of experts in safety.  Happy, healthy travels–and Happy Thanksgiving to All!  tuesdays-tip-november-22-2016-winterizing-your-car-1


Tuesday’s Tip — Native American Heritage Month

Though this month celebrates Native American traditions and history– our country’s first citizens are very much in today’s headlines, as always trying to consider and value the earth, and preserve it for the future generations.  We look at mostly historical, ‘heritage’ sites, but have also added one contemporary one, as the First People are not cultural relics, but vibrant societies!



Tuesday’s Tip — Voting Resources

Sites highlighted here (Ballotopedia and Polling Place Finder sites) will help you make sure you exercise your right and duty to participate in the democratic process of electing our governmental representatives.  Check ahead to make sure you know where to go to cast your vote!  Hopefully we will end up with leaders who are steady-handed and put the needs of average Americans first!   tuesdays-tip-november-1-2016-voting-resources


Tuesday’s Tip — Free Stock Photos

Don’t get into trouble reusing someone’s photo without copyright permission!  This featured site will get you what you want, without infringing on someone’s rights of ownership.  Use these images knowing permission has been granted for use.  Each image lets you know if it is Creative Commons or Public Domain (can be used commercially).  Make sure you check this before using widely.  tuesdays-tip-october-11-2016-free-stock-photography


Tuesday’s Tip — Leaf Collection and Disposal

Well, they’ve  already started to come down, and though we love our trees for their beauty– and also the shade and oxygen they provide– they do give us a run for our money with all those leaves they shed in autumn!  This week’s Tip encourages you to compost those fallen leaves, or otherwise dispose of them responsibly.  We also direct you to municipal resources that will help you clear them away!   Happy Fall!   tuesdays-tip-september-27-2016-disposing-of-fall-leaves


Tuesday’s Tip — Car Buying Info from the FTC

Buying a car is one of the biggest purchases many of us make.  With such a large investment of resources, most of us do a bit of research and investigate the pros and cons of a specific car before we take the plunge.  This week we offer you another trustworthy resource to use as you make that big decision.  As mentioned at the end of the Tip– we also have the Consumer Reports database (and print subscription), and the Chilton’s database for repair and recall information available through the library.  Ask our Reference staff how you can access these FREE resources!  tuesdays-tip-september-20-2016-car-info-from-ftc