Tuesday's Tips

Tuesday’s Tip — Guide to North American Birds

They’re baaaack!  The migratory birds, that is.  If nature tickles your fancy, there is a lot of fun to be had in bird watching.  We are lucky in our area to have a diverse array of wild birds that breed here for the summer season–and if you keep your eyes sharp, you just may see some of the beautiful, colorful warblers, and others, that pass through in the spring and fall during rest stops along their northward–and then southward journeys.  Here’s a great resource and App to take in the field.  If you prefer a paper field guide to look through–or study before/after an outing–the library has a great collection of regional print field guides to birds that you can check out, too!  (just browse the stacks at 598.097 )

Tuesday’s Tip — May 16, 2017 (Guide to North America Birds)


Tuesday's Tips

Tuesday’s Tip — Town Hall Project

Citizen engagement is pretty high these days, and more folks are taking their role as participants in our American democracy more seriously than ever before.  Town Halls are increasingly the venue for communities to meet their Representatives face-to-face to ensure that the will of “The People” is being done.   Letters, phone calls, and faxes can let your elected officials know what you think–but to get their responses, nothing beats a meeting!  The Town Hall Meeting Project is a resource to help keep you informed of opportunities in your area.

Tuesday’s Tip — May 9, 2017 (Town Hall Project )

Tuesday's Tips

Tuesday’s Tip– Literary Hub

Libraries would be remiss if they did not encourage their communities to read! There are a lot of wonderful sites to help you find something great to suit your interests!  We have highlighted several in past Tips… but today we share Literary Hub, a blog that will put you in touch with many a great literary work appearing in a library collection near you!  Happy reading!

Tuesday’s Tip — May 2, 2017 (Literary Hub)

Tuesday's Tips

Tuesday’s Tip — NASA.gov

The story of the amazing African-American women who worked behind the scenes for the U.S. Space Program has certainly ignited a lot of interest!  If Hidden Figures caught your interest, you can learn all you want to know about the agency, its programs, and its personnel at the NASA.gov site.  To explore more material on African-American scientists, you can discover them here.

Tuesday’s Tip — March 21, 2017 (NASA.GOV)


Tuesday's Tips

Tuesday’s Tip — GovTrack.us

However you voted in this past election, more people than ever are taking an interest in how our national government is operating.
 If you have decided to be more actively involved in participatory democracy, this site gives you the tools to keep track of your elected officials in Congress–so you can thank them for well serving you–or hold them accountable for decisions that cause you harm.   Tuesday’s Tip –March 7, 2017 (GovTrack.us)
Tuesday's Tips

Tuesday’s Tip — Black History Month Books

Capping off the library’s month-long display celebrating Black History Month, this Tip showcases books about some lesser-known people who made their mark upon society.  The link at the end is really worth a look–uncovering fascinating photographs in the NYT archive, and chronicling many unknown events involving some of our country’s most prominent African-American citizens.    Tuesday’s Tip — February 21, 2017 (Books for Black History Month)